Bird Proofing
Bird Proofing

Bird Control

Protecting people and your business from bird-related risks

We provide the full range of effective bird control and proofing services to help keep your premises clean and safe for people, and compliant with health and safety regulations.

From clearance of bird fouling to proofing, scaring and control, our highly experienced team delivers an effective and technically advanced service - while removing unecessary costs and disruptions to your business.

The majority of bird related problems are caused by:

          Feral pigeons
          Herring gulls
          House sparrows


Birds cause the following issues and risks to your people and business:

Bird fouling

          The creation of unpleasant environments due to unsightly and smelly             droppings
          Damage to buildings and other surfaces through chemical reaction
          The risk of injuries caused by droppings on walkways


          Blocked chimneys and flues which can cause a build-up of poisonous             gasses like carbon monoxide
          Blocked guttering can cause damp problems, flooding and subsequent             damage to building contents and stock
          Creating a major source of insects such as flies, fleas, mites and lice
          Encourage stored food pests including spider beetles and dermestid             beetles


          The spreading of diseases with serious health implications such as             Psittacosis; Listeria; Salmonella; E.Coli 0157


          The excessive noise and occasional aggressive behaviour of birds can             cause distress amongst customers and employees as well as harm             productivity

Removing avoidable costs through professional and humane solutions

As pest professionals, we understand bird behaviour - so we can quickly identify locations around your premises where bird activity is most likely to occur, and the potential consequences.

By understanding the risks to your people and business we can provide a bespoke solution to prevent and control bird-related risks, focused on the areas of buildings more likely to be affected by the pressure of bird activity:

          Heavy pressure areas where birds tend to nest or roost at night
          Medium pressure areas where birds perch by day
          Light pressure areas occasionally frequented by birds

Because we self-deliver all the services you need, we save you management time and reduce the total cost of service provision.

Cleaning services

We undertake thorough cleaning programmes to remove bird nests and cleanse surfaces. A specialist disinfectant kills the micro-organisms harboured in these areas, removing potential health risks and blockages.

Our expert teams use safe procedures and advance access techniques, such as abseiling, to remove nests and clean even in the most difficult-to-reach locations.

Deterrent systems

Our approach is always about prevention first - and we have a range of effective measures and systems to prevent birds from creating issues, avoiding costs for your business. These include:

          Netting systems
          Wire systems
          Point systems

Population control services

Bird-related pest problems are exaggerated when their numbers increase. For this reason our operators are highly proficient in a range of population control measures:

          Audio devices
          Stupefying treatments

Please contact us for more information on our services.


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