Mammal Control

Effective rodent control will minimise risks & remove avoidable costs

Rodents are the largest group of mammals with over 1500 representative species worldwide, but just 15 are known to reside in the UK.

Only 3 of these rodents associate closely with man and are considered as pests - the Black Rat, Brown Rat & House Mouse.


Rodents threaten almost every aspect of daily lives; rats and mice will invade buildings in search of food and shelter, and in doing so they become a serious nuisance by contaminating, soiling and destroying commodities & packaging, damaging equipment, buildings and installations and spreading pathogens.

Conquer Pest Control offer an effective solution for rodent control using several methods including:

          Trapping, proofing and hygiene methods
          Building maintenance to prevent access points and harbourage
          Controlling the environment to deny basic survival requirements such             as food, water and shelter

All rodent control methods are performed in a responsible and professional manner to achieve control and ultimately minimise risks to your business.

Conquer Pest Control also offer an Electronic Mouse Detection System which offers an effective and pesticide free approach to rodent monitoring.

Please contact us for more information on rodent control.


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